About New Forest





New Forest occupies an enviable location in the south-west of Hampshire. We are home to 170,000 residents and are one of the largest district areas in the country. We are in close proximity to a number of major urban centres with Southampton to the east, Bournemouth to the west and Salisbury to the north of the district.

The district has much to offer. The New Forest National Park sits at the centre of the district. Namechecked as far back as the 11th Century in the Domesday Book, it has long been a destination of choice for nature lovers. More than 16 million people live within a 90-minute drive of the New Forest and its ease of access make it one of the most visited National Parks in the country. Today it is home to an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals and habitats of national and international importance as well as strong and distinctive local communities with a real pride in and sense of identity with their local area.

The district also boasts an extensive stretch of coastline that runs from Barton on Sea, round Lymington and up Southampton Water to Totton. The New Forest’s coast is a mix of wildlife-rich shingle, saltmarsh, lagoons and mudflats, and much of it is protected by law for its importance for nature.


The district offers a fantastic quality of life: expansive areas of natural open space that are dutifully cared for and a haven for wildlife; plenty of access to the coast and all of the leisure and sports opportunities that present; and good connections to retail and cultural centres. It’s an ideal environment that’s perfect for those looking to get the balance right between a great place to work and an amazing place to enjoy.


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